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Texting Service

Send and Receive Text

Messages through your Business Phone Number

What makes us different?

Voice for Turf can enable any of your business numbers to send & receive text messages. In

addition to calling and emailing, texting is now added to the business communication mix.

How does it work?

1. Your customers & prospects will text your business number

2. The text message pops up on your computer screen and/or mobile app

3. You can send a text back within seconds

What do businesses use texting for?

  • Communication with Field Employees

  • Interoffice Communications to Staff (Holidays, Closures, etc)

  • Service Surveys & Feedback

  • After Hour Issues & Auto Replies

  • Broadcast Events

  • Marketing to Current & Potential Customers

  • Appointment Reminders & Confirmations

  • Alternative to Voicemail


Seitz Brothers

We use it to communicate with customers and our techs. We have started advertising it.

Cadenhead Services

Having customer's be able to Call/Text our main number has been a major improvement on how we communicate with our customers and helps us stand out from the competition. Texting allows us to set up and confirm appointments along with outstanding debt.

Bug Busters

The texting service that VFT provides our business is fantastic.

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